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Banjo Patterson: The Man From Ironbark is a poem by Australian bush poet Banjo Paterson. It was first published in The Bulletin on 17 December 1892.
Allan Tom: In 1923 a young man called Allan Tom set about realising his dream to take his ‘travelling picture show’ into the bush and across country NSW. He set up screenings in halls and marquees, and endured all kinds of road and weather conditions in order to bring entertainment to people in remote outback areas. Allan first screened silent movies and then with the advent of sound (talkies) the 'AMUSU Cinema’ was born.
Frank Rusconi (1874 - 1964) quarry owner and monumental Mason of Gundagai NSW, Australia. Started apprenticeships in Italy and Switzerland in the marble trade as a teenager, then worked with his family in a marble quarry at Borenore, NSW, which they had discovered and developed. Notable works included: the Dog on the Tuckerbox; Marble Masterpiece (a miniature building constructed of 20,948 pieces of marble). The Marble from his quarry was use in St Mary Cathedral and The Royal Palace, England.
Max Hazelton OBE is an Australian aviator and founder of Hazelton Airlines, alongside his brother Jim. By the late ’80s he had airline routes all over western NSW and and was responsible for developments including night aerial cropping, aerial fire fighting, flood relief and rescue work. This film centres on the news of Mr Hazelton's plane crashed in bad weather returning from Sydney to Toogong. Somehow he survived being lost in the bush for days.
Ophir Joe: The Story of Ophir Joe (an early discoverer of big gold at Ophir, as opposed to Hargraves’ few specks).
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