The Project Zone specialises in developing innovative collaborative projects utilising the power of story, technology and creativity to make a positive and sustainable difference in people and communities across regional NSW. We are committed to delivering
enriched learning experiences through a range of
place based initiatives including projects that inspire, educate and engender greater awareness, capacity and resilience. 



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The Project Zone brings together Paul Stafford and Vince Lovecchio for the development and delivery of innovative collaborative projects utilising the power of story, technology and creativity. The Project Zone delivers enriched learning experiences in which people can explore, imagine and discover new things in meaningful and transformative ways.

PAUL STAFFORD  is a literacy consultant in primary and secondary schools throughout Australia, specialising in reluctant male readers. One of his literacy projects for boys, 'The Dead Bones Society', won a NSW Local Government Cultural Award in 2007. Paul has written seventeen fiction books, distributed throughout Australasia. He has published four titles in the Horror High series with Random House Australia, and You're History, Mate!, about the dingbats, dills and disasters in Australia's history. Paul Stafford has been working with the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum as a literacy consultant over the past 10 years delivering our Scattered Bones and Dead Bones education programs. 

VINCE LOVECCHIO  holds a deep passion for community wellbeing and social capacity building and has over thirty years of experience developing community partnerships and facilitating arts / health projects with the aim of empowering people and strengthening communities. By forming an extensive network of strategic partnerships, Vince has been able to develop community initiatives which inspire and empower young people to engage as active participants and contributors to their local communities in purposeful and meaningful ways. Vince founded the Orange Youth Arts Festival in 2014, and has established Community Connect Central West, a project based community wellbeing initiative. He also has broad experience in visual based media having worked extensively in television, photography and film and won various national and international awards for his work.