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This project marks the significant anniversaries of the WWII battles in the Pacific. Eight high schools from the USA, Japan and Australia were invited to research ‘War and Peace in the Pacific 75 years.’ a project funded

by the Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney Australia, the New South Wales Department of Education -  Learning Systems Directorate and supported by the USA Bicentennial Gift Fund. Schools were invited to research and reflect on significant battles from the conflict in the Pacific. Utilising a project - based international collaboration model, students made all of the decisions from the research scope through to the writing, filming and editing. The videos produced were then shared for students to watch and learn from their peers. Students also had the opportunity to meet and ask questions to each other through a video conference. The video documentaries produced tell stories about events during WWII focusing on the Pacific theatre from the perspective of their home nation, city and culture. The videos highlight the depth of the alliances and friendships that have grown out of the conflict of the War in the Pacific.

Dart Connections (NSW DEC) unit were responsible for overseeing the Australian component of the project. 
The Project Zone in partnership with Dart Connections produced a series of short film documentaries and promotional videos around this important event.    

A friendship ceremony was held on the surrender deck of the Battleship Missouri in November 2017. Three 
high school youth ambassadors from Japan, Australia and the USA presented the War and Peace in the Pacific International Education program in a live stream as part of the memorial event. The students signed a friendship document as well as speaking on the importance of peaceful relationships.

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