The Wahluu program  is an innovative initiative that provides new and important opportunities for disengaged / at-risk students in rural & regional areas. The program provides young people with incentives to engage with education, using culture, technology and arts content. Wahluu provides young people with an immersive learning experience using the initiation theme of Wahluu (Mount Panorama) to link Aboriginal culture, ancient knowledge and belief systems to both the present and future. 


Offering a flexible approach to education, Wahluu helps young people build self-esteem, self-belief and resilience.
While taking a step toward bridging socio-economic incongruity, in helping them engineer their own success.
The program has significant potential to address the needs of a highly disadvantaged youth sector in creating sustainable tertiary and employment pathways through enhancing learning, skills, training and a level of support and opportunities which would otherwise be denied through traditional pathways.

This is an initiative which has the endorsed support of the
Wiradjuri Elders and Educational and Community organisations.