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Lest We Forget
Mudgee primary school students give voice to local Anzac history 


The Year 5/6 students at Mudgee Public School researched local service men and women involved in military conflicts in which Australia had been involved. The students interviewed local returned servicemen, relatives of WWI and WWII soldiers, community members and members of the local RSL and conducted research over the internet, to gain an insight into Australia's military history. Capturing stories from the local community was an integral part of the project.

Mudgee Public featured as an example for NSW schools in the department of education’s School Magazine.  The 'Lest We Forget' theme, which combined with its new YouTube channel, presented Anzac-theme stimulus material to be used by schools around NSW.

President of the Mudgee RSL Sub-Branch Geoff Robinson was interviewed by the students, as was Mrs Pauline Baskerville whose father was a member of the Australian Light Horse Brigade in WWI. Year 5/6 teacher, Mrs Lynda Baddock said that the persistence the students showed during their research was outstanding. "Initially in some cases there was little information found, but by searching a variety of sources, the students have discovered some fascinating local military history, especially around the personal impacts these experiences had," Mrs Baddock said.

The students were filmed by the School Magazine team to create a stimulus other schools could use to complete similar research. The video series was the first one placed on the magazine's You Tube Channel with the aim to inspire other students from around NSW to research the military history of their region.





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NSW Dept of Education



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Mudgee Ex- Services Association 
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Image by David Clode


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