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The NSW Department of Education established the Senior Access Programs to address rural isolation and incapacity of small Central schools to offer stage 6 learning pathways. This program began in the ‘Western Region” schools in 1990 before being successfully duplicated across the state in 4 other clusters of schools. After 30 years and many thousands of students attaining HSCs and TAFE Certificates there is a desire to celebrate the history of the program, its successes and the people and communities who are proud of what they have achieved with the support of the NSW Department of Education. 

This project was initially imagined as a single 30 minute documentary. It became immediately evident that the students, teachers, parents and communities wanted to contribute to the story requiring a reimagining of how the stories will be told. Every one of the 21 schools has been visited to record 150 interviews and B-roll footage. This process was completed in March 2020 ahead of the COVID-19 delays.



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Project Zone
Dart Connections (DET)

NSW Dept Education Schools
NSW Dept Education ACCESS team

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