The Project Zone is proud to present an exciting new initiative for regional NSW.

Wellovision is our latest collaborative venture, which utilises the power of story as a

foundation upon which to build healthier, stronger, and sustainable communities.

The Project Zone is delivering an innovative, whole of community approach, that employs culture, education, technology and creativity to make a positive and sustainable difference in regional communities and the environment. Along with a supportive network of regional partners, we are committed to delivering enriched learning experiences through a range of projects, and place-based initiatives that inspire, educate and engender greater awareness in people and their communities.


Wellovision comprises a close working relationship between Project Zone, WINS Community Centre, Wellington Aboriginal Corporation Health Service (WACHS), Wellington Local Aboriginal Land Council, Wellington Arts Centre Inc, Dubbo Regional Council with the support of local, regional and state-wide partners and associates. The Project Zone’s extensive network of partners include the Dept of Education NSW, DART Connections (the DoEs videoconference hub), museums, conservatoriums, historical societies, NSW Tourism, Woman’s and Men's Shed Associations, Rotary, Correctional Services NSW, regional health providers, NGO’s, local charities and a number of other regional and metro based support groups. We will also be collaborating with a number of our creative industry partners, both regional and metro, representing a diverse range of artistic mediums, including music, film, theatre, sculpture, dance, writing, and photography.

The overarching aim of Wellovision is to collectively honour and preserve the stories,

sacrifices and experiences of the town and its people, as told through their unique

history/origin and present-day stories. Project participants research their lived history,

including as-yet undocumented Wiradjuri/First Nations people, women, and migrant stories. The project shines a light on the regions rich colonial, Aboriginal, Chinese, and Megafauna history, and commemorates the significant people and events, both past and present, that have helped shape its identity and character. While, utilising community support to better understand the events that shaped their communities, project participants express themselves by reinterpreting through various other artforms. Through a blended delivery of workshops (onsite and via videoconference), participants work with industry professionals as a way of embedding employability skills, signposting vocational outcomes, and giving the people of Wellington and the region a platform to express their voices and experiences, while gaining a greater sense of purpose and identity alongside greater understanding of their local history.

Wellovision provides a framework for community capacity building and wellbeing. Our aim is to help provide people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make most of life’s opportunities, and to live healthy lives. By leveraging the NSW Department of Education’s videoconference hub and delivering skillsbuilding workshops in the arts, both students and community-based groups in the Wellington region will be given the opportunity and capability to reinterpret their stories to a whole new audience. By linking participants with professional artists and historians, this project will not only embed and preserve these important histories but share them both nationally and with

a wider international audience via our web-platforms.

Furthermore, we see this as an opportunity to develop new business, education,

employment and tourism potential in the region, and a means to promoting community

resilience and wellbeing. The project’s main objectives align with the following main themes as set out in Dubbo Regional Council 2040 Community Strategic Plan; Economy, Community Leadership & Liveability. Hence, we call upon the support of government, business and community in helping us take a collective approach toward achieving the potential benefits and outcomes that could derive from overseeing this project’s successful initial development in Wellington NSW. The second stage will see an expansion of the model throughout the Dubbo Local Government area, and then delivered across the entire Orana region in its second stage of development.

The concept for Wellovision, originally evolved from similar projects in Orange and Bathurst NSW. We recently staged an event in Canowindra NSW, with live re-enactments, a livestreamed festival of short films (bushranger themed) made by the local schools, a Welcome to Country, and live music. The Project Zone won a prestigious 2019 MAGNA award for their Bigger than Ben Hall project; a whole community initiative which featured an international web-based broadcast that showcased short films made by students from Central West NSW. The MAGNA’s are Museums & Galleries Premiere National Awards. The project represented a strong working collaboration with DART Connections (the DoEs videoconference hub), and

numerous local community groups in collaboration with Project Zone’s extensive network of industry partners in education, health, employment and the arts.

WHAT does Wellovision 2020-21 offer:

• Film, arts and storytelling hub

• cultural development / educational workshops

• skill development opportunities

• employment and tertiary pathways

• tourism focused education and employment

• tourism promotion opportunities / tours

• community wellbeing initiatives

• place based projects

• exhibitions

• lectures / talks / seminars.

• public events - local festivals

• historical research and education (Mitchell State Library, Historical Society, Museums)

• videoconference (connecting Wellington with national and global audiences)

• academic research (Regional School of Health - Sydney University)

• cross sector partnerships

WHO does it involve?

Dept of Education Schools NSW

Catholic Schools NSW

DART Connections Dept of Ed

School based Apprenticeships and Traineeships NSW (SBAT)

Mitchell State Library NSW

WINS Community Centre

Wellington Aboriginal Corporation Health Service (WACHS)

Wellington Local Aboriginal Land Council

Wellington Arts Centre Inc

Wellington Oxley Museum & Historical Society

Wellington Men’s Shed

Wellington TAFE

Dubbo Opportunity

Barnardos Wellington

Western NSW Division Disability Alliance


Coder Academy Sydney

Hyde Park Barracks Museum

Tourism NSW

Destination NSW

4e Sydney Hip hop

Sydney Headon photography

Inclusion Music

Port Macquarie School of Hard Knocks

Macquarie Correction Centre Wellington

Correctional Services NSW

Sydney University School of Rural Health (research)

Charles Sturt University

Craig Lawler (Historian)

Juanita Kwok (Researcher/Historian)

Jason Wing Mural Artist

Matriark Theatre

Peter Solness Projections

The Project Zone brings together Paul Stafford (PAUL STAFFORD LITERACY) and

Vince Lovecchio (COMMUNITY CONNECT REGIONAL NSW) for the development and delivery of innovative collaborative projects utilising the power of story, technology and creativity to make a positive and sustainable difference in people, communities and the environment. The Project Zone, and its extensive network of partners, are committed to delivering enriched learning experiences through a range of project-based initiatives

including projects that inspire, educate and engender greater awareness in people and

their communities.


VINCE LOVECCHIO holds a deep passion for community wellbeing and social capacity building. At 15 years of age, he was selected to represent Sydney for the UNESCO International Year of the Child. Vince has over thirty years of experience developing community partnerships and facilitating arts / health projects with the aim of empowering people and strengthening communities. Vince established Community Connect Regional NSW in 2014, a successful community capacity building and social wellbeing initiative. By forming and maintaining an extensive network of partnerships across health, education, culture and industry, Vince has been able to develop numerous community-based initiatives which engage and empower people to contribute meaningfully and purposefully toward building the capacity and resilience of their local communities and themselves. He also has broad experience in visual based arts and media having worked extensively in television, photography and film and won several national and international awards for his work.

PAUL STAFFORD is a literacy consultant in primary and secondary schools throughout

Australia, specialising in reluctant readers. He has seventeen fiction titles, published by

Random House and New Holland. His historical-comedy film project with schools History Here won the 2018 National Trust Award and the web-based literacy project Scattered Bones won the 2011 MAGNA (Museums and Galleries National Award). His literacy projects for reluctant boys, 'The Dead Bones Society', (a collaboration between Australian Fossil & Mineral Museum 2007-2017) won the 2010 IMAGinE Award and a 2007 NSW Local Government Cultural Award. He worked closely with Wiradyuri Elders to develop a series called Tea with Uncle Bill which linked Uncle Bill Allen to students in schools across NSW via videoconference, enabling students to ask questions and learn about Wiradyuri history, beliefs & lifestyle.


The Project Zone won a prestigious 2019 MAGNA award for their Bigger than Ben Hall project. A whole community initiative which included live re-enactments, and an

international web-based broadcast that showcased short films made by students from

Central West. The MAGNA’s are Museums & Galleries premier national awards, and

celebrate outstanding achievements in the areas of exhibitions, public programs, Indigenous projects, and research. We are also proud to announce that our History Here pilot program in 2018 involving five local primary schools producing short films about Orange region’s history had been acknowledged with a prestigious National Trust Heritage Award; winning the Events, Exhibitions and Tours category. The National Trust Heritage Awards are the signature event of the Australian Heritage Festival.


For further information please contact

Vince Lovecchio M: 0407 454 832 E: vlovecchio@optusnet.com.au

Paul Stafford M: 0488 152 741 E: paulstafford2@bigpond.com.au

W: http://www.theprojectzone.com.au

W: https://www.communityconnect.net.au

W: https://vimeo.com/theprojectzone

How can I get involved?

If you wish to partake in this initiative, or require further information,

please contact us via the PZ contact page.