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Wellington Film Hub


A Stronger Country Communities funded film project involving all schools (government and independent) in the Wellington community. The project is a skills-building initiative, which directs students through the entire creative production process from the genesis of an idea, through scripting, storyboarding, location scouting, acting and filming. By modelling and scaffolding this process, students develop the skills and self-confidence to replicate the process in the future, and teach those skills to others.


The Wellington Film Hub model was based on Project Zone’s award-winning program History Here, which examines historical events, characters/individuals and movements that had a significant impact on the local area and helped shape the community it is today. By identifying, researching and retelling events from their local history from their own perspective, students are able to engage and identify with their own lived history in that community or region and further contextualise and interrogate local history.


Stories told through the Wellington Film Hub project have ranged from megafauna (it was first discovered in Wellington Caves) to Wiradjuri stories, Chinese and frontier/settle women’s stories, bushrangers, explorers and the last duel (reputedly) fought in Australia. 



Funded by:

Stronger Country Communities (NSW Government)


Project Partners:



St Mary’s Catholic School 
Wellington Public School
Wellington Christian School



Wellington Aboriginal Land Council

Wellington Historical Society/John Oxley Museum

Wellington Caves Complex

Wellington Arts Centre

NSW Department of Education

Mitchell Library Sydney
Sydney Hyde Park Barracks Museum

University South of Australia

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